Happy Saturday lovelies! I have some new photographs to share that were recently listed  in my Etsy shop! 
In other news...after receiving some friendly feedback while being the featured website on Weebly for a day (thank you Weebly...over 4,000 people took a peek at my site...whoa!) I am switching up my blog a little bit! Keep peeking back in to see what is new!

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has featured me in an etsy treasury and on their blogs, facebook and twitter...I am so grateful and humbled by your kindness and sweet words about my work! You will still be able to check out features and thank you's on my "Thank You" page...make sure to click on everyones shops and spread the etsy love! 

I also have two newish facebook fanpages (yes it's true, I am new to Facebook, really!) If you would like to become a fan of either Emelia Jane or Belli Uccelli I would love to have you :) Remember...if you have a fanpage I always  "like" back...please make sure to leave me a message and a link to your fanpage on my wall so I can find you!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!!!  
9/24/2012 08:02:53 pm

THX for info


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