Can you tell that I am SO excited!!! I just clicked onto Etsy's home page and my photograph "Tomorrow's Hope" was featured on the front page!!! I am just thrilled, it really made my day! Thank you ETSY for handpicking my photograph! 

In other shop Belli Uccelli has teamed up with Carrie of Making Lemonade to do my very first giveaway!!! I am super excited and cannot wait to see who wins! To enter to win your choice of any print in my shop check out her amazing blog! Best of luck! ;)

Front Page!!!

Mmmmm...I also had no clue that I was featured on the front page three other times in the past!!! I just found out! 
Want to find out if you have been featured??? Check out Craft Cult!


07/15/2012 09:32

Fine info bro


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